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  • HTTP Compression updated on March 23, 2005 14:36:02

    HTTP or HTML Compression has been around for several years. Despite that fact, it is surprisingly underused on the web today. Read the information on the links in this section and decide if you should be using HTTP Compression.

  • Webperf.org’s URL Breakdown updated on March 24, 2005 16:24:47

    This performance monitor from Webperf.org shows you exactly how fast it takes a particular web site to load. A good way to test any code modifications or compression settings for your site. The detailed report of each item loaded from a site let’s you easily identify any bottlenecks.

  • Web Standards, CSS, and Accessibility updated on April 28, 2005 10:14:01

    Web standards, are carefully designed to deliver the greatest benefits to the greatest number of web users while ensuring the long-term viability of any document published on the Web.

    Designing and building with these standards simplifies and lowers the cost of production, while delivering sites that are accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices.

    Developers are encouraged to practice web standards through XHTML and CSS to deliver functional content even as the internet and browsers evolve.

  • Apache HTTP Server Developer Information updated on March 20, 2005 23:10:07

    The place to start if you are setting up Apache for the first time or if you are having trouble with Apache HTTP Server.

  • Apache Week updated on March 20, 2005 23:10:07

    The self-proclaimed essential resource for the world’s most popular web server. Apache Week contains lots of information for the different versions of Apache as well as ways you may not have thought of to deploy Apache Server.

  • PHP: Documentation updated on March 20, 2005 23:26:39

    The place to start learning what you can do with PHP. Explains all the commands and gives an example of how to use each. This is also where to look if you are setting up PHP for a Server. Details on how to setup on Windows and IX platforms.

  • PHP Classes Repository updated on April 8, 2005 13:56:14

    A great resource for PHP web site developers. PHP Classes Repository is a service created in 1999 as a means of distributing freely available programming classes of objects written in PHP.

    The goal of this service is to build a base of programming components ready to be used in Web applications written in PHP.

  • Free PHP Resources updated on March 20, 2005 23:31:14

    A giant resource with all types of information about PHP. Contains links to many other PHP resources.

  • Syndic8.com updated on March 21, 2005 11:13:41

    A huge site that provides a catalogue for RSS and Atom Syndicated News Links of all topics. Check it out, you’ll probably find lots of News Feeds that interest you.

  • Markup Validation Service 0.6.7 updated on March 20, 2005 19:45:46

    The W3C Markup Validation Service is a free service that checks Web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards.

  • CSS Validation Service updated on March 20, 2005 19:49:17

    The W3C CSS Validation Service is a free service that checks Cascading Style Sheets in XHTML documents or standalone for conformance to W3C recommendations.

  • Validator for XML Schema updated on March 20, 2005 19:54:04

    The W3C Validator for XML Schema is a free service that checks XML documents against the actively developed W3C XML Schema Namespace. In other words it checks your XML against the current recommended XML standards.

  • Feed Validator updated on March 23, 2005 11:52:31

    This is a validator for syndicated feeds. It works with RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0, and 2.0. It also validates Atom feeds. This service only works on syndicated feeds (a subset of XML) for general XML validation refer to W3C’s Validator for XML Schema.

  • Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters updated on March 23, 2005 21:35:38

    Web caching, one of the web’s most misunderstood concepts is explained in this easy to understand technical document. Read about what makes caching important so you can determine the best settings for your own web site.

  • Cacheability Query 1.3 updated on March 25, 2005 21:39:27

    Run your web site through this query to determine if your cache settings are setup correctly. Also determines possible problems effecting caching with your server or your ISP’s server.