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color scheme: LT DK GR

Features: Chaos Wallpaper vers. 2.1.003

  • 1 :: Automatically rotates Windows (98, 2000, NT – including XP) Desktop wallpaper.

  • 2 :: Currently supports image formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF.

  • 3 :: All options are available from the system tray icon.

  • 4 :: Wallpapers can be centered, stretched (to fit screen area), tiled when the RSS Feed Feature is disabled.

  • 5 :: Many Refresh features: Instantly change the wallpaper and RSS; Change just the wallpaper; Change the RSS Feed only.

  • 6 :: Minimum rotation cycle is 20 seconds with a RSS Feed. 2 seconds without RSS Feed display.

  • 7 :: Customize your own Syndicated News Feeds by adding feed links to rss.inc or by creating your own rss text file.

  • 8 :: Change the appearance of the RSS or Atom Feed by selecting a different CSS file from the rss stylesheet folder inside the wallpaper folder.

  • 9 :: Fully customize the look of your RSS display. You can change the position, color, typeface, or even put images on the background of the dispaly section. All it takes is some simple CSS modifications.

  • 10 :: The Readme file contained in the download tells you all you need to start making your custom CSS file for Chaos Wallpaper.