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Chaos Crystal vers. 2.0.001 Window Transparency Utility

  • This small Windows program allows you to set transparent windows of any program running in Windows 2000 or XP. This program does not currently work for Windows 98 and below. The ability to set transparent windows can allow you to be more productive with numerous windows open at once, even on a smaller display.
  • Apply transparency by pressing and dragging the target (Dot next to Window Title field) crosshairs over the target window. You can also apply transparency by selecting the application from the dropdown menu.
  • Chaos Crystal can run from any location including removable devices such flash memory. You can run it from anywhere on your computer as well.
  • ChaosCrystal2.0.001.zip
    MD5: [ D72B68D891CD10B9108A69457F8BF2B6 ]
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